The Placement Cell at Vinayak Vidyapeeth facilitates hassle-free recruitment by establishing an institutionalized mechanism. The primary objective of the Cell is to provide a variety of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities as a means of assisting students to become economically independent.

The Cell caters to the rapidly changing requirements of the Corporate Sector and facilitates productive interaction between students` skill sets and employability. Given the skewed male-female ratio in urban professional spaces, the Placement Cell and individual departments play a vital role in empowering young women through employability, making them socially, politically and economically active citizens.

The Placement Cell of Vinayak Vidyapeeth wishes to equip the students with relevant professional and technical skills and provide them with a plethora of opportunities from companies throughout the country enabling them to have a a bright start to their professional lives.

Person of contact:

Mr Praveen Sharma

Contact no. 8630286566

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