NAAC Steering Committee As per the recommendation of the National Policy in Education (2020), upholding the quality of higher education in India is a priority. The NAAC accreditation process for the college will be started soon and a Steering Committee to fulfill following objectives has been formed. Collect and enhance evidences contributing into the core values of the institute 7 education. Evidence of building from the strengths identified by the institutions. Action to be taken to rectify the deficiencies recognized by the institution. Efforts made by the institution towards quality enhancement. Future plans of the institutions for enhancing quality. SWOC (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Constraints) analysis.


1. Dr Anuprita Sharma Convener member's photo
2. Er Vikas Kumar Member member's photo
3. Dr. Kiran Tomar Cordinator member's photo
4. Dr. Asif Co-Cordinator member's photo
5. Archana Sharma Member member's photo
6. Mr Ankit Baliyan Memer member's photo
7. Ms Aarzu Chaudhary Member member's photo
8. Ms. Parul Sharma Member member's photo


S.NO. Date Program Name
1. 22/08/2022 Orientation Programme for Final year Students
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