Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are a regular affair at Vinayak Vidyapeeth wherein students have unique opportunities to develop their social skills and their social identities. It lessens a student’s feeling of alienation and promotes individual growth. Extracurricular activities results in lower absentee rates, decrease in dropout rates, fewer disciplinary referrals, stronger commitment to the school, liking the school more, better performer in coursework and accepting more demanding coursework willingly.

Education Fai

Education Fair at Vinayak Vidyapeeth is an annual affair. The event is aimed at encouraging creativity and innovation among the students. Teams showcase their teamwork and coordination by successfully giving shape to the plan drawn. Students from every faculty participate and make the fair a grand affair. Eminent personalities and corporate visitors are a regular in the event and this provides an opportunity to the students to display their talent to the guests. The event also acts as a platform to boost industry interface.

Pratibha Samman Samaroh

It is an event highlighting the interest in and contribution into social cause by the management. Every year meritorious students from all strata of the society are felicitated. Public appreciation results in recognition in the society and acts as an encouragement to pursue further studies, especially for the rural girl students.

Shiksha Ratan Samaroh

A teacher plays a multiple role in a student’s life. They often act as role models for the students, who changes the course of their life through teaching and preaching. Teachers inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential and see the best in ourselves. The management, thus, every year organizes event to recognize the contribution of distinguished teachers from the locality.

Social Initiatives

The institute management emphasise towards developing students as responsible citizens. The focus is on inculcating responsibility towards society. Various events like community services, cleanliness drives, blood donation and medical camps, literacy programmes, street plays on social issues girl child education, pollution and celebration of notable commemorative days like Earth Day, Water Day, Health Day etc.

Sports Meet

Performance and productivity can leave a mark only when performed by a mentally and physically relaxed person. Regular participation in sporting activities and an elaborated sports meet at Vinayak Vidyapeeth keep its students fit and charged to absorb the stress and demands of the corporate world and outperform their peers. It instils a sense of sportsmanship in the students.

Self Defense Training

Keeping in view of the degradation of social values resulting in harassment of various degrees, the management has made it a point to conduct self defense training at regular intervals. The programme not only is a confidence booster but also results in enhanced productivity as it helps in toning down the concern towards safety.

Rangoli, Mehendi, Face Painting Competition

These programmes provide opportunities to students to showcase their artistic intellect, hidden talents, skill or art on the college platform. It gives them exposure to Indian culture and tradition and Nurture hobbies and develops creative talent.