Our Alumni

I am thankful to my college staff for recognising my skills and abilities by offering me the opportunity for this job offer. I look forward to contributing my skills.

Sakshi Bhal

My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the trainings and placement cell of my college for their contribution in inculcating qualities in me related to technical and aptitude training which helped me in my job.


A big thanks to my faculty members for providing me such a great opportunity and platform.


A big thank you to my faculty for being so helpful supportive and friendly throughout this placement I really had a fantastic time and learn so much along the way things that I have learnt will be invaluable in my future career.


Teachers at vinayak vidhyapeeth are dedicated and passionate about teaching. There constant guidance,support and unwavering faith in me has helped me in reaching where I am today. Thankyou vinayak for being my almamater.

Shubham Kumar

I would like to thank all my teachers at vinayak vidyapeeth for educating me,advising me , guiding me , reprimanding me( whenever necessary)and above all helping me become a better human being .


The extra and co-curricular activities held in Vinayak vidyapeeth helped me a lot in building my confidence. The PD classes helped me in facing the interviews for my job with full confidence .Thank you Vinayak Vidyapeeth .

Sachin Rana

Thank you Vinayak Vidyapeeth for being the place where i discovered myself .I got to spread my wings and become a better version of myself .I much appreciate the memorable exprencies and the opportunities provided to me while at Vinayak .

Rahul Verma

I would like to express my gratitude here for my college and teachers for all they have done to help me,for their time and patience .Thank you so much .

Shivam Verma

My journey in Vinayak Vidyapeeth had been wonderful, educational experience. The classes I attended and activities that I participated in have helped me in building my personality and confidence.

Aditya kaushik

The staff and faculty at Vinayak Vidyapeeth are very friendly and co-operative. The facilities provided in affordable fee structure are up to the work. I would like to thank the Institute and the staff for being there and helping students during the covid

Sneha Saini

The teachers at Vinayak Vidyapeeth are pleasent, firm as well as professional while taking class. I learnt important skills that helped me academically and personally.Thank you

Ayush Verma

Great instructors, organized, responsive, patient and able to clearly explain complex topics. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.


I would like to forward my sincere thanks to Vinayak Vidyapeeth and its staff for creating a wonderfully diciplined enviorment & for caring and training the students.

Yati Sharma

Diligence and direction of my teachers at Vinayak Vidyapeeth inspired my inner confidence and made me believe that nothing is impossible and we all can reach the pinnacle of our ambitions.

Ravi Sirohi